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Thomas Montellanico
Your Favorite Realtor

As Florida native, Tom Montellanico holds a deep conviction in harmonizing his client’s property-related goals with solutions that exceed their expectations. His community presence and years of dedication to public service have provided him with the ammunition necessary for helping individuals navigate the real estate market. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Political Science, Tom has been exposed to a wide range of property types and holds a well-established track record for guiding individuals in the South Florida region through the intricate web of purchasing property.

Tom strives to weed out the complexities that often surround the real estate sector, aiming to translate industry jargon into easily digestible information for his clients. He’s truly invested in gaining a detailed understanding of a client’s real estate pursuits, integrating their objectives, struggles, and vision into a sound strategy. Purchasing a home entails completing a slew of documentation, reports, forms, and disclosures – all of which can spur additional fees, and complicate and delay the process if handled incorrectly. His local upbringing has enabled him to acquire valuable intel on zoning, utilities, schools, and distinct characteristics of each South Florida neighborhood. This knowledge can subsequently be leveraged to coordinate a client’s needs with a location that will perfectly compliment their desired lifestyle.

Expand your search potential, evade out-of-date listings, and discover properties that aren’t publicized as available, but are accessible to Realtors. Partnering with Tom opens up a myriad of opportunities to integrate techniques into the buying process that are economically advantageous and eliminate the inevitable headache that transpires after hours of attending open houses. Perusing various neighborhoods, only to feel uninspired by the lack of options, can leave an unappetizing taste in your mouth. Tom uses a customized approach, examining each facet of the real estate ecosystem from your perspective to deliver trusted and dependable advice.

Tom seeks to alleviate the anxiety that often accompanies buying a home, using his understanding of laws and regulations to oversee all transaction-related matters with the utmost professionalism. Purchasing a new property is more than just a roof and four walls, it is the foundation where memories are forged. From endless nights of laughter to raising a newborn, your home is as much a monetary investment as it is an emotional one, and requires the experience and personalization that Tom dedicates to each individual. Deceitful behavior or ‘sweet-talking’ is not his style. Tom’s philosophy centers around transparency with a focus on enhancing the customer experience through his passion and expertise.

If you are interested in learning more or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Tom directly.