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Real Estate Market in South Florida

Real Estate Market in South Florida

How is the real estate market right now in South Florida?

The Real Estate Market in South Florida, that includes Miami-Dade and Broward County, is considered to be strong, with no concern about a market stumble. Although a little slow to some experts, there is a lot of inventory available for rent or to buy, from houses to apartments, and different price ranges, to adjust to what the people are looking for, but also, what they can afford. One of the things that is helping the market to keep moving forward is the development, commercial and residential, currently going on in different cities across South Florida. The cities are investing in new developments and the towns are growing. More and more people are relocating to this new areas because of the new projects or redevelopments, and that means population growth, which is good for the real estate market.

What are the Real Estate Market Trends for 2018?

Florida is considered one of the top destinations for people to move to, because of the multicultural affinity, strategic location, weather, lifestyle, global business environment, job market and investment opportunities, and South Florida one of the most stable real estate markets in the country. Some of the opportunities and positive indicators for the future of Florida’s real estate market are: great prices, right timing, high inventory levels, low mortgage rates, population growth, and incentives to buy. South Florida is attracting more investors from Northern states and Europe.

Real estate opportunities in South Florida

Broward County offers excellent opportunities for people looking to get away from Miami’s traffic and get a more suburban vibe. With new housing developments, is becoming a must-see for people looking to establish themselves and make an investment on real estate. Some of the cities that are part of the real estate market in South Florida, and that are experiencing great development and population growth are:
Davie, FL
Southwest Ranches, FL
Plantation, FL

Davie, FL is a very ethnic diversity city, great for families or college students. With a mix of old town and modern feel, Davie offers a lot of park activities and rich history, great restaurants and high quality of life.

Southwest Ranches, FL has nice quiet, neighborhoods, more of a rural lifestyle with many horse ranches, a lot of nurseries, unique scenery and an abundance of wildlife. Southwest Ranches also have a growing amount of zoning for recreation and open space.

Plantation, FL has safe and friendly neighborhoods, world-class recreation facilities and a stable business community, situated among thousands of trees. The city has expanded into a growing, vibrant municipality, with natural environment unsurpassed by other South Florida cities.

South Florida Realty are experienced realtors in this cities. Considered very trustworthy by their clients, someone that you can rely on and will listen carefully to your priorities and won’t waste time on properties that don’t fit the bill. They know a lot about the South Florida Real Estate Market, the amenities, and understand what you are looking for when wanting to buying a home, which makes buying a house a smooth process.